This classic model #07 medium weight beauty from WILDT is just as ruggedly handsome, and every bit as work-tough as our other hand-crafted classic medium weights.  It will hold up to most work environments, and definitely stand out when the finer times of Life come around!


Every single belt is hand-picked, hand-cut and hand-finished from premium select skirting leather (the same high quality leather selected and used for the skirting on world-class saddles).  The medium weight of these belts means they're tough enough to provide years of flawless service in most work environments - from jean wearing cowboys to FR wearing refinery hands.  The classic model #07 comes in three beautiful colors, Black/Brown/Chocolate.  And with its slimline taper, it is also perfect for wearing with your favorite slacks... when the finer times of Life come around.

Read the INFO panel for even more good reasons to get you at least one of these beauties in each color.  And remember, if it's a WILDT... It'll LAST!

Classic Model #07 Medium Weight Taper

SKU: 00007
    • Each belt is hand-selected, hand-cut and hand-finished from premium saddle skirting leather
    • Minimum Stretch over the entire service life of the belt
    • 12-14oz weight (as leather is measured)... meaning each belt is approximately 3/16" thick - perfect for most work applications AND casual/dress events
    • The classic taper shaping both ends of the belt add a dressy flair... without sacrificing any of its rugged reliability
    • Beautiful stainless buckle features rounded edges for increased comfort
    • Heavy guage Chicago screws give your belt the flush-mounted quality generally reserved for custom belts... and they're TOUGH, they will not break or wear out like most  snaps.

    NOTE:  For longest service life (while looking fantastic the whole time), conditioning with a quality leather conditioner about every 3 months is recommended.  The whole process will take less than 3 minutes.

  • See the Customer Care section for full details.