There are times, and there are places and conditions where everything a man has on has to be as tough as what he has in him.  When you need your belt to be brutally reliable - this classic model #13 heavy weight beauty from WILDT is the best you can own.


Every single belt is hand-picked, hand-cut and hand-finished from premium select harness leather (the same top quality leather selected and used for the work harnesses on world-class tack).  The heavy weight of these belts means they're tough enough to provide years of flawless service in ANY work environments - from linemen to lion tamers. And with its sleek black finish, the model #13 will look fantastic doing it!

Read the INFO panel for even more good reasons to get you at least one of these beauties in each color.  And remember, if it's a WILDT... It'll LAST!

Model #13 Heavy Weight/Harness Leather

SKU: 00013
    • Each belt is hand-selected, hand-cut and hand-finished from premium, world-famous HERMAN OAK  harness grade leather
    • Because of HERMAN OAK's unique conditioning process, these belts provide outstanding moisture resistance (not water-proof... but fantastically resistant to ANY moisture type)
    • Minimum Stretch over the entire service life of the belt
    • 14-16oz weight (as leather is measured)... meaning each belt is approximately 5/16" thick - perfect for most work applications AND casual/dress events
    • Beautiful stainless buckle features rounded edges for increased comfort
    • Heavy guage Chicago screws give your belt the flush-mounted quality generally reserved for custom belts... and they're TOUGH, they will not break or wear out like most  snaps.

    NOTE:  For longest service life (while looking fantastic the whole time), conditioning with a quality leather conditioner about every 3 months is recommended.  The whole process will take less than 3 minutes.

  • See the Customer Care section for full details.