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The Hands Of A Saddler...

People ask me to describe Bryan, and his work. So I went to his shop to get some images that might help visually "tell the story". I got some great shots of his shop, his old-school tools and equipment (some of it over 60 well-maintained years old), and of course, his outstanding craftsmanship and products.

But when I got back to my studio to edit the images, it was the ones of his hands that immediately spoke volumes without any need for copy. They are instantly recognizable as the hands of an experienced craftsman, swift and sure in every move and step of the process. Hands in which each tool, and every piece of equipment becomes a gifted, almost magical extension of the skilled experience that flows through each move of the wrists and fingers.

So, I simply present to you the most telling feature of my friend, Bryan Wildt... THE HANDS OF A SADDLER. -CM Sackett-

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