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A little about Wildt Leather...

There are not many leather shops in the Central Arkansas area, so when Wildt Leather opened, Brian Wildt was sure to be a success. With his years of experience and knowledge about the products that he makes, he quickly gained the trust and business of the surrounding areas.

Here are some frequently asked questions about Wildt Leather concerning business and information that you may not know.

Where can I find Wildt Leather? Wildt Leather is located at 3434A Salem Rd., Benton, AR.

When was Wildt Leather founded? Brian has several years of experience in his craft and has been working with leather since the year 1990.

Does Wildt Leather have any contact information? The quickest way to get in touch with the store is to call (870)-628-3454. You can also email any questions or concerns to

Do I need an appointment to visit Wildt Leather? No! Brian, the owner, loves to get to know his clientele base. Stop by and have a chat with him any time the store is open!

How long will my order take? Depending on what product you order will depend on how long it takes to get to you. If you order a belt, holster, etc that is already on the website, it will take the standard 3-5

days to ship from the store. If you order a custom piece, it takes longer to process, and you will be updated on the status of your item as it is made.

What is your return policy? Sometimes people order the wrong size belt- totally understandable! Wildt Leather is great with returns, and you may return the item for the proper size. If the item you ordered is not what you expected and you happen to dislike the item, no problem. That happens too. Simply pay the return shipping and you will be refunded as long as there is no wear or damage on the item you are returning.

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