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Exotic Leather Wallets at Wildt Leather

Exotic Leather Wallets at Wildt Leather

Here at Wildt Leather, we offer custom made leather wallets with beautiful and unique exotic options. These options include Bison, Giraffe, and Elephant in trifold and bifold styles. Each wallet is handmade and usually ships within 2-3 weeks!

A few facts about exotic leather

All around the world, there are about 50 animals that provide hides for leather production. Exotic leathers are either made from rare animal species or from skin parts of animals that aren’t usually processed into leather products making them a “rare” form of leather. The definition of what the term “exotic leather” means can also vary depending on the culture and where the animals are coming from.

How is exotic leather different than other standard forms of leather?

Some exotic leather surfaces can be softer to the touch, which makes them more appealing. They might even have a very different look. Mostly, exotic leathers are considered unique because of their texture, look, and variety of colors which makes them more valuable.

Typically, the skins the species is obtained and then processed into leather. In some cases, the hair is obtained which results in different hides and furs.

How to clean and care for exotic leather

Exotic leather is usually processed for special items and products like our wallets and belts. We always recommend that you handle them with care. A careful and regular conditioning treatment is best for the durability and longevity of your exotic leather from Wildt Leather. The cleaning and care will always depend on the type of animal it’s made of so more often than not, this is usually determined on an individual basis. It’s important to remember that exotic leather items are particularly delicate, so conditioning may bring out natural inconsistencies in the grain or color.

  • Always brush off any dirt or dust with a soft brush or damp cloth.

  • After cleaning, you can apply a thin layer of exotic leather conditioner then let it dry.

  • Afterward, apply polish and buff the polish with a soft cloth.

  • Lastly, use non-silicone water and stain protector for the best protection of your exotic leather products.

Shop our exotic leather products custom made at Wildt Leather today! For additional questions on caring for your leather products, contact Brian.

Remember, if it’s a’ll last!

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