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How To Tell If Your Leather Is Quality-Made

If you’ve ever wondered how to tell if your leather is made out of real, quality leather, you’re not alone. Fake and imitation leather is popular in a variety of shops around the retail world so it’s common to have a hard time determining what’s real is and what isn’t. Here at Wildt Leather, we put the same attention to detail and quality into every single custom piece, from belts to knife sheaths, and from holsters to scabbards. That’s why you’ve probably heard us say:

“Price wears out. Quality wears on… and on.”

Here are a few tips to best determine whether your leather product is made out of real, quality leather.

  • Real leather products are made from animal skins, so each piece should have unique blemishes from where the skin has been marked by insect bites, scratches, etc. Unique patterns and minor imperfections all signal real leather.

  • Each stitch should be straight and flat. Saddle stitching is the most common type of hand stitch, mainly because it’s the strongest and most aesthetically pleasing of them all.

  • Leather feels soft and natural. No matter its texture, real leather doesn’t feel rough. The product shouldn’t break or tear if you hold and bend it. It should be slightly stretchy when bending and naturally wrinkle up. A quality leather product will also be heavier because of its fibers high density.

  • Leather typically smells like some sort of animal skin, because it’s made out of it, while fake leather smells like plastic.

  • Real leather absorbs water, while water puddles up on top of fake leather. If you can, drop a few water droplets onto the leather good, and you’ll see within a few seconds if the item is really made of quality leather or not.

Every single item from Wildt Leather is hand-picked, hand-cut and hand-finished from premium select skirting leather (the same high-quality leather selected and used for the skirting on world-class saddles). Trust us when we say that if it’s a’ll Last! Shop our products today but visiting our “Shop” tab or stop into our store in Benton at 3434A Salem Rd.

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