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How To Measure For A Belt at Wildt Leather

Welcome back to the Wildt Leather blog! In today’s post, we’re going to show you how to measure for a belt when you’re looking for a custom design from Wildt Leather. It’s a very simple process but it’s very common for a lot of people to be unsure when it comes to the correct size they may need. We’re going to show you exactly what we do here in our shop and how our orders typically measure up.

  1. Go ahead and make sure your pants are where they need to be at where you’d normally wear them at. Wear the pants you’d normally wear. Avoid slinky shorts and be sure to wear your average pants when you come in for sizing.

  2. Take your belt off and put the measuring tape up to your waste and pretend you’re putting a belt on. You don’t have to go through your loops, simply go right over them.

*Avoid cloth and stretchy tape measures. We like to use a metal tape measure for the best accuracy.

  1. Whatever that measurement is going to be the size belt you need. It’s that simple!

Here at Wildt Leather, we make belts in even increments, 38, 40, 42’s. If you come out at an odd number, it will just be a matter of how much tail you would like on your belt.

Example: If you measure for a 37, if you get a 38-inch belt, you’ll end up with a tiny bit of room on the holes of your belt. Normally, if you end up with an odd measurement, I like to see a little bit more tail but that is personal preference.

Have questions on measurements for your custom belt? No problem! Contact Bryan at 870- 628-3454 or stop by our Benton shop!

To see our belt sizing tutorial, visit our YouTube channel, here:

Don’t forget to subscribe while you’re there!

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