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Handmade Leather Handbags

Just in time for the Christmas holiday, we’re making handmade leather handbags for ladies at Wildt. The leather comes from SB Tanning is Minnesota from a tannery that RedWing shoe company owns. We’re offering a few different sizes and they make for the most perfect gifts for the special women in your life. They have inside snap closures so they can easily snap shut for security. They also have an inside pocket and key snap to keep your keys handy.

Here at Wildt Leather, our custom handmade handbags are made with only the highest quality of leather. We tried to address the most common issues that come up with women and their favorite handbags. The two spots that are commonly seen where bags fail is the handles and the corners which end up separating. The handles tend to always fail-no matter the price. These handbags from Wildt are different because we ensured they are strong and made to last through all of the wear and tear! They’re sure to up for years to come. Should they fail at any time, it’s an easy fix. They have a “Chicago screw” holding them in place and we can simply back them out and replace the handles.

The other issue we commonly see is that handbags start to tear at stress points in the corners. We have handsewn each corner of the bag with a special thread specifically made for handsewing and wrapped it around 5-6 times as tight as we could pull. It holds it together nicely so you never have to worry about separation.

These bags are meant to last for years and years. Shop our handmade leather handbags for the special women in your life this Christmas season!

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