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Customized Leather Products from Wildt Leather

There's nothing more special than a custom handmade gift. Even better, when it's made right here in Benton, Arkansas! One of our specialties here at Wildt Leather is customization of our leather products made in house. Yes, you read that right! Each and every last one of our products are custom designed and crafted at our shop in Benton. Down to every last stitch, our owner Bryan doesn't skip a single detail...and it definitely shows.

From wallets to belts to everything in between, we can customize just about anything you'd like! For more information on customizing your favorite leather products from Wildt, feel free to give Bryan a call at (870) 628-3454. Or, stop into our shop and say hello!

Check out a few of our past custom projects for our Wildt customers!

Custom Leather in Arkansas

Monogram in Central Arkansas

Custom Leather Products in Arkansas

Handmade in Central Arkansas

Leather in Central Arkansas

Remember..."if it's a Wildt, it'll last!"

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