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Tips for Storing Leather

Leather Retailer in Central Arkansas

One of the most common questions that comes up around the topic of buying quality leather products is, what's the best way to store them safely? In today's blog, we want to share a few of our favorite tips to help keep your favorite Wildt Leather products safe and lasting for years and years to come.

Tip #1: Utilize acid free paper or garment bags for protective covering as you store your products. This will help keep them covered and away from dust and any other environmental elements that could damage them while they're stored away and not being used.

Tip #2: Keep your leather products stored in a fabric bag, suitcase or even a wooden trunk for safe measure. Avoid using plastic bags as those are most known to limit air supply getting to our favorite leathers and they need to breathe.

Tip #3: Avoid storing your leather in humid areas of your home or storage unit. Leather can actually grow mild or mildew if stored in a humid area, so avoid overheated rooms or closets and sunlight to avoid damaging the quality of your leather.

As always, if you happen to have questions or concerns about keeping your favorite Wildt Leather products safe and conditioned, stop into our Benton store and chat with our owner, Bryan Wildt. He's happy to help guide you through the conditioning and care process for your purchase, anytime. We hope to see you around soon!

As always, Remember...if it's a'll last!!

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